Arxceo Corporation - A JCI Group Company

Security isn’t just a problem for servers and PC’s.

As we enter the age of the Internet of Things, security matters everywhere. Vehicles, POS terminals, utility meters, ATMs, building automation systems, industrial PLC's – all communicating devices are at risk.

Threats are not just the kids running a hackfest down the street anymore.

Security threats to communicating devices include organized crime, nation states, corporate competitors, and sophisticated anarchists who do not recognize traditional boundaries. More importantly, these malicious actors may compromise your connected device without even knowing what it is – simply by attempting to determine if it is a target of value.

Privacy - the mythological beast?

Headlines remind us each day that our messages do not belong to us alone. The sites we visit, the terms we search for, the games we play, the e-mails we send – nothing is safe from prying eyes.

Poor security costs money, even if nothing is stolen.

Reconnaissance and attacks are money lost in many ways. They waste bandwidth that you paid for. They can cost you system down time, interfere with your communicating infrastructure, and damage your reputation – even if nobody captures a single credit card number.

It's time to fight back.

Hackers have been assembling armies of botnets to do harm for decades now. Arxceo asks: Why can’t the good guys do the same thing? Arxceo’s lightweight embeddable network protection technology allows connected devices to band together into a security ecosystem, share intel about risks, enhance privacy, and act cohesively to defend themselves against the bad guys –saving money every step of the way.